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Garment Care Guide

General Advice:

We always recommend following the manufacturer’s garment care labels attached to each item of clothing. These will detail guidelines with regards to washing, tumble drying, ironing and use of fabric conditioner and/or any other products.


We advise all knitwear is washed inside out. Knitwear can occasionally be prone to pilling & bobbling, which is what happens when the garment fibres from the yarn rise to the surface of the garment.

This is most likely due to friction caused by rubbing against other objects. Pilling can also happen if the garment is washed at the wrong temperature or if tumbled dried on too high a setting. It can also occur if Velcro fast other garments has been in contact with the knitted items of clothing.

Pilling should generally subside after washing the garment(s) a number of times.

Printed Garments:

Please note that you should not iron over the printed area(s) of any items of clothing.

Pleated Garments:

Please note these should not be tumble dried as it will reverse the pleated process that the garment has gone through.

Iron-on Name Labels:

Please be advised that these do not tend to stay on stretchy fabrics, such as rugby or football socks, and that they should only be used on garments that can be ironed.


Please make sure all Velcro fastenings are closed prior to putting such garments in the wash. These fastenings can cause damage to other items of clothing, such as knitwear.

Fabric Conditioner:

Generally speaking, we advised against the use of fabric conditioner on most schoolwear & sportswear items as these have been specially coated for easy care. However, fabric conditioner can help with keeping rugby, hockey & football socks soft and supple. If in doubt please refer to the individual garment care labels.

Care Label Symbols Explained:

Washing Symbols

Washing symbols

The temperature indicated is always the maximum temperature that the item(s) should be washed at.


Drying Symbols:

Drying symbols

Ironing symbols

Ironing symbols

Dry Cleaning Symbols:

Dry cleaning symbols